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What is GameBucks?

GameBucks is a website where you can do various tasks such as completing surveys, installing apps, watching videos, etc. to earn virtual currency, aka "GameBuck Tokens" or "GBT", which you convert and withdraw to popular game cash, such as PUBG Mobile (UC), PUBG Mobile Lite (BC), Free Fire (diamonds), etc.

Is GameBucks legitimate or scam?

GameBucks is the first legitimate website that pays you free game cash for popular games such as PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, Free Fire, etc. You can check our our TrustPilot rating and reviews for proof. We also do not ask for any site or game login credentials.

Is GameBucks safe to use?

GameBucks is completely safe to use. We don't have any popups or any malware advertisements. We do not ask for any site or game login credentials. Also, there are no chances of getting banned from any game for using GameBucks.

Does GameBucks require game login credentials?

GameBucks is not one of the scam / phishing sites which gives you free game currencies and then asks you for login credentials of Facebook / Google. We only require your Player ID of the games where you are requesting to withdraw.

How does GameBucks make money?

GameBucks make money from the advertisements we show and partnership with brands.

What are 'Offerwalls'?

Offerwalls are 3rd party services that pay users for doing tasks such as filling out surveys, installing apps, signing up for services, watching videos, and much more.

How can I change my email address?

As of now, due to security reasons you cannot change your email address once it has been verified.

Is there a referral system on GameBucks?

Yes, we offer a referral system, where you can invite your friends and family to GameBucks and earn unlimited GameBuck Tokens! You get 7% of their GBT earnings. Read more on Refer & Earn page.

Can I make multiple accounts?

No, you are not allowed to make multiple accounts. If your family member wants to have independent account, we allow upto 2 accounts. If you are found to be having lots of accounts then your withdrawal could be suspended. We do not allow cross-referral accounts.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password from My Profile page. If you cannot access your account, click "Forgot Password" link on the login page.

How does the referral system work?

We pay 7% of the GBT earned by your referrals, such as from offerwalls. Referral Earnings are credited at midnight (UTC) every day. You can track your referral earnings from My Wallet page. Search for "Referral" to see only referral earnings.

How can I add a promo code?

You can add the promo code you have received by clicking "Promo Code" button on My Wallet page.

I have a business proposal for GameBucks. Where do I contact?

If you want to have a mutual partnership with GameBucks or want to promote your brand, please contact us at partnership@gamebucks.io

Where can I find promo codes?

We may post promo codes on our social accounts in the future, however, as of now it's not widely used.

What is GBT?

GBT stands for GameBuck Tokens. GBT is a virtual currency that is used for website transactions. You can convert GBT by withdrawing it to your favorite game's currency (such as UC / UnknownCash from PUBG Mobile).

When are the withdrawals processed?

Withdrawals can be processed anywhere from a few hours to up to 72 hours depending upon the volume of withdrawal requests. Please do not contact us for delayed withdrawals within 72 hours.

How do I earn more GBT?

You can earn free GBT by completing tasks, watching videos and downloading apps through Offerwalls. Moreover, you can also collect Daily Reward from the dashboard which pays 50-100 GBT randomly. We are constantly working on more ways to make it easier for you to earn free GBT.

Why I haven't been paid for an offer or survey I completed?

We understand it could be frustrating if you complete an offer and you are not paid for it. We use 3rd party offerwalls in which we have no control over. You can contact the respective offerwall you are facing issue with and they'll help you out!

Where can I withdraw earned GBT?

You can currently withdraw GBT to PUBG Mobile's UC / UnknownCash. You can see supported withdrawal methods on Withdrawals page.
Please note that we are working on adding more games as a withdrawal method.

Am I allowed to withdraw to multiple accounts of a single game?

Yes, you can withdraw to multiple game accounts. For example, you can withdraw to multiple Player IDs of PUBG Mobile. Click the pen icon next to Player ID input field to change the player ID.

Where can I check my GBT earnings?

You can check all your GBT transactions on the My Wallet page.

How much time does it take to receive credits after completing an offer?

While some of the offers / tasks maybe instant, some of them may take time to reach your account as they need to be approved by advertisers (not GameBucks!) in order to prevent fraud. Sometimes it can take a few hours, days and even weeks to reach your account. The advertisers need to verify the authenticity of data before they pay.

Which offerwall is best?

All offerwalls are good on their own. Some offerwalls work well for some users while for some it doesn't. It's best to check which offerwall works best for you and your country. We also have a user rating that allows you to check which offerwall is most liked by users, although this is not region-based so may not be the best way to judge an offerwall.

Why did the survey disqualify me before I could finish?

It's very frustrating to invest time and before into a survey and then get disqualified before the survey ends.
Please understand that every survey serves a particular motive for each research corporation that we work with. For example, if the solutions you provide are not regular with the sort of character the employer is looking to interview, your facts may be excluded from the survey. And as a result, the survey will stop.

These sudden exits aren't continually based totally in your demographic information and may be based on a hard and fast of responses you supplied all through the survey. For example, some surveys might ask you the identical question two times to make certain that you are paying attention. Conflicting solutions will bring about a disqualification. The excellent manner to make certain this does not happen is to pay attention to the surveys you are completing and being as honest as possible.

Why I haven't been paid for an offer or survey I completed?

We understand it could be frustrating if you complete an offer and you are not paid for it. We use 3rd party offerwalls in which we have no control over. You can contact the respective offerwall you are facing issue with and they'll help you out! There is no other way, only they can help you solve this problem.
Almost all offerwalls have their own support system. Unfortunately, contacting GameBucks won't be able to help you in this case, since we have no control over the offers.

Follow these steps if you have not received the credits for completing an offer:

- Make sure that you actually completed the offer honestly and fulfilled everything.
- Wait for some time, since some offers are not credited instantly. Some require your given data to be verified by the advertisers.
- Contact the respective offerwall. You may need screenshot proof that you actually completed the offer, use image hosting like imgur.com to upload your screenshot.

Why there are no surveys available for me?

Not all offers are available all the time. It depends on the advertiser's requirements. You should check back later.

Can I use VPN / Proxy to complete the offerwall?

The use of VPN / Proxy softwares are strictly prohibited. Offerwalls may also ban you for this, if not, your account is banned when you create a withdraw.

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